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Daily Highlight – August 30, 2016 – Vn-Index +3.23 points [672.67]

Loại báo cáo: Báo cáo Asean Securities
Nguồn báo cáo: Công ty cổ phần chứng khoán Đông Nam Á
PNC: Member of the BOD registered to sell 1.1 million shares
VIC: Member of the BOD’s mother registered to sell 22,000 shares
TV1: Chairman of the BOD registered to purchase 1.2 million shares
DBT: Deputy CEO registered to sell 12,832 shares
Purchasing power decreases 0.3% in August
Seafood exports hit US$4.3 billion
August 30: The central rate of VND/USD is VND 21,912 per US dollar, down VND2 from yesterday
August 30: The buying and selling prices of SJC gold touched VND36,40 million and VND36,47 million, respectively
August 29: The Dow industrials rose 0.58 percent, to 18,502.99
August 29: U.S. crude oil fell 1.4 percent, to settle at $46.98
Today, foreigners were net-sellers for VND89.11 billion on both HOSE and HNX. On HOSE, foreign investors net sold VND116.82 billion. On HNX, foreign investors registered their net-buying status for VND27.7 billion. Foreigners’ top buying shares on HNX were HUT (1,777,200 shares), PVS (273,600 shares), BVS (69,500 shares), VGS (42,300 shares) and DBC (42,000 shares). Foreigners’ top selling on HNX shares were SHB (186,600 shares), VNR (118,095 shares), PVS (97,100 shares), BVS (40,000 shares) and PVC (17,200 shares).
Analysis: Based on the moving of technical indicators, we believe that Vn-Index will test the nearest resistance range 680 – 700.
In a negative scenario, when the index may correct, the nearest support range of Vn-Index is forecast at 640 – 660, where traders can take T+ buying for the short-term position.
In a positive scenario, when the index may rebound, the nearest resistance range of Vn-Index is forecast at 680 – 700, where traders can sell a part of the existing short-term portfolio.
Based on Kelly formula, the recommended proportion of the portfolio is 30% cash/ 70% stocks.
Real estate [+0.26%], Rubber [-0.04%], Securities [-0.14%], Technology [+0.03%], Oil & Gas [+0.29%], Services [+2.35%], Pharmaceuticals [+1.99%],…
Please see the attached file for more details.


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