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Daily Highlight – July 22, 2016 – Vn-Index -9.70 points [649.87]

Loại báo cáo: Báo cáo Asean Securities
Nguồn báo cáo: Công ty cổ phần chứng khoán Đông Nam Á
HHS: Q2/2016, profit reached VND27.6 billion, down 80.72% over the same period
SSI: Q2/2016, profit reached VND305.4 billion, down 15% over the same period
KDC: Q2/2016, profit reached VND27.6 billion, down 80.72% over the same period
DXG: Q2/2016, profit reached VND135.9 billion, down 5% over the same period
As of June 20, 2016: Real estate inventory decreased 26.33% ytd
Vietnam postpones $3bn international bond plan
July 22: The central rate of VND/USD is VND21,881 per US dollar, down VND14 from the day earlier
July 22: The buying and selling prices of SJC gold touched VND36.57 million and VND36.67 million, respectively
July 21: The Dow Jones fell 0.42 percent, to 18,517.23
July 21: Crude oil fell 2.2 percent, to settle at $44.75
Analysis: Based on the moving of technical indicators, we believe that Vn-Index will test the nearest support range 620 – 640.
In a negative scenario, when the index may correct, the nearest support range of Vn-Index is forecast at 620 – 640, where traders can take T+ buying for the short-term position.
In a positive scenario, when the index may rebound, the nearest resistance range of Vn-Index is forecast at 660 – 680, where traders can sell a part of the existing short-term portfolio.
Based on Kelly formula, the recommended proportion of the portfolio is 90% cash/ 10% stocks.
Real estate [-0.29%], Rubber [-1.26%], Securities [-1.16%], Technology [-0.57%], Oil & Gas [-0.92%], Services [-1.46%], Pharmaceuticals [-2.06%], Building Materials [-0.63%],…
Please see the attached file for more details.


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